Fall 2019 Semester Exam Schedule


The season of testing// Semester exams start next week. Make sure you know when you have your tests.

Abby Woloss, Editor in Chief

 Fall 2019 Semester Exam Schedule:





Tuesday, December 17, 2019- B Day- 5th and 7th Period Exams (Full Day)

Exam:                   5th Period                8:40-10:40

Course:                6th Period               10:45-12:45

Exam:                   7th Period                12:50-2:30

Course:                8th Period                2:35-3:50


Wednesday, December 18, 2019- A Day- 3rd  and 4th Period Exams (Early Release)

Exam:                   3rd Period                  8:40-10:35

Exam:                   4th Period                 10:40-12:25


Thursday, December 19, 2019- B Day- 2nd and 6th Period Exams (Early Release)

Exam:                    2nd Period                8:40-10:35

Exam:                    6th Period                10:40-12:25


Friday, December 20, 2019- A Day- 1st and 8th Period Exams (Early Release)

Exam:                     1st Period                  8:40-10:10

Exam:                     8th Period                10:15-11:45