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Sutton Mills, Staff Writer

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“Public Display of Affection” a.k.a. PDA is a hot controversy at our school. As times change more things are becoming appropriate. No one knows where to draw the line. According to statistics, 89% of teens have been or are in a relationship. In addition, the question on the mind of many single students is if  PDA should be allowed.

When you look at it from the average single student’s point of view seeing a couple share saliva two feet from you could possibly be disturbing. “It makes me feel awkward,” junior Marly Jordan said.  Many think that these couples should not be allowed to show affection in the hallway. It is inappropriate and they have plenty of time outside of school to do that.

On the other hand, these affectionate couples are taking a stand and defending themselves. “I love my boyfriend, and I want people to see that” senior Madisen Pittman said. They believe that they should be able to show that they care about their boyfriend/girlfriend, but some couples do need to be aware of what is acceptable. One kiss and a hug is accepted among students, but many are repulsed.  Although,since the schools are allowing PDA, it is still important to be respectful to those around you. Others are asking why students feel they have to kiss and hug after every class (only 45 minutes apart).  “What if they have anxiety, then they just have to do it”, freshman Amber Logue said.

Another defense of the couples is that, school is where they see each other most. Tons of students have jobs, play sports, and have other important things to do outside of school, that does not allow enough time to see their sweetheart. The hallway is the time they have together, and they are going to use it.

It is perfectly normal for adults to show affection to each other, so why should not teenagers be able to? It is the same love, just a different age, but as long as it continues in an education environment, people will be against it.

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