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Hip-Hop Is Sick

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Growing up in this generation, I feel like I was born in the wrong decade. I wish I was alive when Hip-Hop was at it’s peak. When it really meant something, when it was used to express oneself and others within his or her community. Now it’s a rarity that we find meaningful          Hip-Hop music that adds to the culture. Granted party music is always going to be a thing, but when it gets to a point where meaningless lyrics with a great beat becomes all the culture has come to on the radio, we need to make a change. There aren’t many mainstream rappers that rap with passion anymore. However, those that do, I support and respect whole heartedly. Hip-Hop may not be dead like Nas said, but it’s in critical condition, and the so called “fans” are celebrating it’s disease.

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Hip-Hop Is Sick