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They’ll be there for you // Showing off the members of the Best Buddies program, Ms. Erwin smiles proudly. This years Buddy program had an over all impact as she says goodbye to the seniors. “Im so proud of them when they leave and I hope they will be forever different. I feel a great sense of pride in them, especially for their future later on when they have kids they wont feel separated either. I feel more privileged to have had the chance to give them these opportunities to be successful in their futures more than anything,” said Ms. Erwin.

The best of buddies

April 29, 2019
Senior Nostalgia // Looking forward to the future, Rachel gets ready for the last 2 months of high school. Sad to leave it behind, Rachel makes the most of her last days of high school looking back on the good memories she shared with friends. Rachel said, “I am so excited for college and all the new experiences I’ll come across. However, I am so grateful for all the friends I’ve made through band over the year!

Rachel Brummet

April 5, 2019
For the win// Getting a perfect score all across the board, the varsity choir returns with a winning prize. The UIL trophy stands tall and proud in the choir room for those to admire. Kathleen Couch said, “It felt so amazing to get sweepstakes! Ive never gotten straight 1s with our Chorale at Heath before and last year we worked extra hard to make it happen. I remember the feeling of Mrs. Smith announcing our scores and everyone freaking out! We always work hard and sing our best, but its great to hear it from judges who really know music.”

[PHOTO] Break a leg

March 24, 2019
3002, the room for the flu // Checking in kids, Ms. Phillips, looks out for any flu symptoms the students might have. More students seem to flood into the clinic as time passes by. “Yes, there has been a large increase of students coming to the clinic,” Ms. Phillips said. “I would say it started last week, the end of January.”

A sickening epidemic

February 7, 2019
Not your ordinary girl // Isabella Maxcey, junior, catches up on reading a good book while listening to music. “Most people don’t really know that I’m in fashion,” said Isabella. Isabella breaks social boundaries through fashion designs and athletics.

[PHOTO] Isabella Maxcey

January 30, 2019
Multitasking at its finest // Senior student, Deni Viera, watches videos on her phone and studies for an AP class. “Yeah AP Physics was really hard, I hated it,” Deni said. She gives hope to underclassmen, showing it’s possible to push through.

[PHOTO] Deni Viera

January 30, 2019
And the host award goes to... // Stepping down from the hosting position for the Oscar awards, Kevin Hart addresses his offensive tweets. “Yo if my son comes home & try’s 2 play with my daughters doll house Im going 2 break it over his head & say n my voice ‘stop thats gay’” says Kevin Hart on Twitter. Quote credit to BuzzFeedNews

To host or not to host

January 27, 2019
Making its way to the classroom//After finishing class work, a senior student takes a break and watches the movie Bird Box for the first time. Ive heard good things about (the movie), but I wanted to see for my own opinion, she said.

Trendy or insensitive

January 22, 2019
No Need to Worry, Mr. Jones is There in a Hurry
Heath counselor, Mr. Jones, keeps an eye out for students seeking help in the counselors office as he jumps at the opportunity to guide a student in need. From normal class difficulties to college scholarships, Mr. Jones is there to help students with all of it.


December 13, 2018
Learning and Helping Together
PAL student, Sydney Calk, goes over the lesson plan for her PALees. Sydney reflects over the time she spent with her PALees, what all they learned from their lesson this week and how they benefit from the lesson as a whole.


December 13, 2018
Singing For Others
Senior student, Molly Berry, reads over her music in hopes of helping other choir classmates understand the new Christmas music given to them.


December 13, 2018
Chelsie Sides Capturing Moments That We’ll Never Forget 
Chelsie Sides, yearbook staff student, creates the page of memories with her hard work and dedication. Chelsie makes sure the pages flow together with one another in the process of making the book of high school memories, the yearbook.


December 13, 2018
Ms. Carmody 
Hands on in the classroom, Ms. Carmody makes sure the students get all of the information they need out of the notes. Gaining the students’ attention, she makes it clear by circling and underlining what they need to know in order to be successful this term.


December 13, 2018
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