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Getting organized for testing// Students and teachers prepare for EOC testing coming up. This testing affects the whole school, not just testers as classrooms are being occupied and the halls need to be quiet. “We try and make it as organized and simple as possible for students and staff.” said Mrs. Paul.

Wrapping up

April 7, 2019
Heath takes both wins// Both games were packed this past week from both sides. The whole town came to support their side. Heath won both games. Zak McDonald said, All drip no drown, we won and did it right.

Drip or drown

March 31, 2019
Taking a break// Students were ready for the week long break after lots of hard work the past few weeks. Weather traveling far or staying here, students and staff found the time relaxing and much needed. Senior Ashlyn Parks said, “It is a mini vacation from school before it starts to get harder.”

Spring break fun

March 24, 2019
Loving what you read // In the front of the library, this shelf displays the rules and books for the blind date activity. The activity has been a big hit. Librarian Mrs. Harris said, We always try and get books in kids hands and this has helped.

Dating a book

February 10, 2019
The Calm Room// This soothing room includes elements that will be relaxing and help students clam down. Students use it often and it seems to work. Roper said, The rooms design is meant to be calming, hence the name.

Relax and reset

February 4, 2019
Brushing it off// The  varsity team runs back to their huddle at the end of the game. We get back together and talk to each other. said Drake Brown, Senior. Even after their loss, they stand strong.

Keeping the energy up

January 28, 2019
Jumping from one thing to the next // Heath student, Addie Keith, at her school volleyball game. Right after this game she went home and to an orchestra recital. I feel like Im always busy doing something I love, says Keith.

Students with passion

January 22, 2019
Competition Ready
Parents and students from surrounding districts all gather in the gym as the wrestling tournament that takes place this afternoon.


December 11, 2018
Getting it done
Sophomores Nikya Stevens, Brock Bernard, and Meghan Noto work diligently in Mrs Cyperts english class to finish up their projects before the break.


December 11, 2018
Getting Creative
Freshman Will Davis in Mrs Dickens English 1 class is working hard on his warm up by writing creative sentences to prepare for today’s activity.


December 11, 2018
Sophomore Clayton Schroepfer warming up his signing for the Timber Project they are working on starting this week which is all about practicing signing stories.


December 11, 2018
A step outside
Freshman Parker Cleavinger is working in the halls on giant math problems set up by his class so he can better understand what he is working on.


December 11, 2018
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