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Tornado Damage// Areas of Tennessee were left with damaged buildings and houses after a tornado touched down killing at least 22 people. Photo Credit:

Tornado Season

March 3, 2020
Best Day// Valentines Day can sometimes cause more stress than it does actual joy. So, is it better to spend the day without a significant other?
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Candy Hearts

February 20, 2020
Snow// Thursday morning many awoke to the sight of fresh snow. However, there was maybe not even a centimeter of it in Rockwall. But, many parts of the Midwest received plenty.
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Winter Weather

February 6, 2020
Under Pressure// As the days of 2020s first month roll on by, the world faces extreme accounts of tragedy. 
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Off to a Great Start

January 29, 2020
Super Bowl time// Super Bowl Sunday will be here before we all know it. The Chiefs face off against the 49ers for the NFL’s 100th season.

Super Bowl LIV Report

January 23, 2020
About Campus// Lots of things are happening or going to be happening around campus soon. Get out there and go see what is happening!


January 16, 2020
Resolutions// With a new year upon us, the world is full of people with new goals. But, will they achieve those goals?
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January 10, 2020
New movies// A list of movies are coming out in the last month of the year. Head down to the theater to catch them, or wait until they come out on demand. 
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Movies out in December

December 9, 2019
No. 1 seed// The New England Patriots faced off against the Houston Texans Sunday, losing 22-28. With this loss, the Pats lost their No. 1 seed and are now ranked second in the AFC.
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Patriots vs. Houston

December 5, 2019
Grit//Rockwall-Heath High School, along with Rockwall High School, both lack a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps program. With the mass amount of benefits that come along with this organizations mission and program, it is interesting to know that we do not have one. This could possibly be one of the things this school needs. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Stocktrek


November 21, 2019
Thats right// The debate for when to decorate for Christmas time has already started to spark up once again. Well, it sparked the first of November really. But, at the end of the day, is there really such a thing as too early?
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Everything Red and Green

November 12, 2019
Its all about perspective// The oncoming 2020 presidential election has many states and poll agencies already starting to gauge where certain votes will land. 
Credit: (Illustration: Roman Genn)
National Review

Politics and Partisans

November 6, 2019
Keep your eyes open// Halloween is on this Friday and many people need some last minute costume ideas. But, if going to parties or going and getting free candy is no longer your thing, you can stay in and catch up on the latest sequel to It: It Chapter Two. 
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Halloween Trends

October 29, 2019
Do it for the food pantry// The battle for Heath against Rockwall High school for the most cans donated began October 11th, and the deadline is November 1st. Make sure to either head over to the Toyota of Rockwall or to classroom 3214 to drop off your donations.

Pack that Pantry

October 23, 2019
The Unknown// With every decision comes a consequence. It can be negative or positive based upon the trail blazed. It is when making that decision though, that all cards on the table must be laid. No one knows what will happen, so we must sit around for 7 more months and wait. Photo Credit:

And so it goes…

October 18, 2019


October 7, 2019
It’s back// ‘This Is Us’ returned two weeks ago with  new characters and storylines. Catch new episodes on Tuesdays at 8PM. 
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Grab some Tissues

October 3, 2019
Three more days// Rockwall-Heath High School had their first Homecoming Parade in years. Many people came out to support students and to show school spirit three days before the big night. “That was great,” said Joan Haddock.

Parade Time

September 26, 2019
 Brady’s Legacy// The third game of the season is this coming Sunday. The New England Patriots play the New York Jets.

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Belichick’s Team

September 20, 2019
Country roots// Graycie York is on her way to attaining some of her wildest dreams, yet still remains humble while in the process. “I want to take everything day by day. I want to stay humble,” says the senior.

Graycie and Cline

September 8, 2019
‘Who says we have to let it go’// The school year has just begun, and for many it is bittersweet. It is the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new stage. “[Living in the moment] is what made my high school experience so memorable,” said senior Grace Adams.

Growing Pains

September 2, 2019
Spring baby// New royal baby, Master Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, meets his great grandparents, the Queen of England and Prince of Wales. Elle magazine says, according to a source, “ He [Prince Harry] said he just feels part of the family, and can’t imagine life without his son.”

Baby Sussex

May 14, 2019
Cat nappin// Andie Chisolm may be quiet in class, but she has opinions about many things. When it comes to vaccines and medicine, I am very talkative, said the junior.

Andie Chisolm

May 1, 2019
Colorado bound// For students like Brooke Fowler, the hope for the future is what keeps them going. “I really like school, and I am just looking forward to what I am doing next,” said the junior.

Brooke Fowler

May 1, 2019
2019 Seniors// The excitement that comes along with the end of the school year is infectious. For students who are moving on to bigger and better things, graduation is bittersweet. I will miss my friends most, says senior Lili Young.

First flights

April 17, 2019
“Somethin to talk about”// Students and teachers wear blue around campus today to show a united front. “Kids are the future, and we need to try and help all of them in the best possible way,” said junior Gracie Tirey-Butler.

A sea of blue

April 5, 2019
Science Rules// High school for anybody is always an interesting ride. For students like Keith, junior year has been a long and tiresome one. I am so ready to graduate, said Boudewijn.

Keith Boudewijn

March 31, 2019
Dreams in the making// For Increase, senior year has given him lots of stories to tell and goals to shoot for. My time here has been amazing, said Enadeghe.

Increase Enadeghe

March 31, 2019
Night life// Dallas is home to many resturaunts, activities, and events. This month, it is a showcase for Black History Month. Head on downtown to see what you can learn. This museum, The African American Museum located at Fair Park in Dallas, is the only one in the southwestern part of the U.S. dedicated to the preservation and showcase of African American historical materials including folk art and other visual art forms, said The Beat, out of DFW.

Black History Month

February 24, 2019
Valentines Day lovin// Zachary Mumphrey is not one to shy away from some good ole public declarations of love. Of course I will be spending Valentines day playing basketball.

Getchya heart in the game

February 13, 2019
“All the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again”// Students’ failed and successful egg drop projects scatter the floor, and student’s hope for a good test grade fades as their egg splatters on the tile. “If your wondering why the halls smells like breakfast, that is because of physics. It is physics fault,” said junior Ruthie Caddell.

Egg yolks are a flyin’

February 10, 2019
A Star Is Born// Dancing takes hard work, but KK Tunnell loves it. I dont know what my life would be like without it, said Tunnel, junior.

A twirler to remember

February 5, 2019
Chaos at its finest// A mass of buses flood the streets between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm. Due to the new Gene Burton Academy, the transport of students is continuous. Im more alert now. I am always watching out for who is on the street when I am driving, said junior, Kirsten Rohlfs.

Horns and sirens

February 1, 2019
The redhead diaries// Kate Blackburn, Junior, sits in the school library while talking about her life’s hopes and dreams. “I always wanted to be an interior designer, but I really love fashion now, and I really want to pursue that,”  Kate said. One can only hope that all their aspirations come true at some point in time.

Kate Blackburn

January 27, 2019
Busy bee// Danielle Gillean, Freshman, sits in the cafeteria amongst a charade of friends attempting to one up each other regarding their daily schedules. “ For me, game days are all school year, because I go from volleyball season to basketball season; then, I go to softball season right after,” said Dani. Her days are long, and they arent getting any shorter.

Danielle Gillean

January 27, 2019
The roots grown//
The  memories made are only as meaningful as one lets them be. A tree at the Capitol in Austin, grows without regards to those around it. I think where we come from has nothing to do with who we can be, but I think it can shape who we are, said Harper Wood, Freshman.

It’s a wild world

January 20, 2019
Amelia Bird doing the butterfly stroke during a 500 meter race.

Just keep swimming

December 11, 2018
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