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Kassidy Turner
Although you might find digesting dairy to be a normal everyday occurrence, I don’t.  Hi, I’m Kassidy, and I’m allergic to dairy. For years I have told everyone that I am a lactose intolerant, but I have lied. I am ALLERGIC to all dairy products, which is different than having a dairy intolerance (look it up!). It’s sad. Other fun facts about me: I love dogs, cute shoes, Brown Sugar- Cinnamon Pop Tarts (dairy free!!!!), Chick-fil-A, and participating in activities with my church. I love music, driving, hanging with my friends, and Chiloso Chicken Quesadillas. But most of all, I love cheese and ice cream. After graduation, I plan on attending Dallas Baptist University and majoring in Christian Studies. My passion is people, and being on staff with the Hawk Times allows me to meet new people and tell stories about them that have yet to be told.

Kassidy Turner, Editor in Chief, Staff Writer

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