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Haley Sanford
Hi, my name is Haley. Yes that’s Haley and not Hailey, Haylee, Haleigh, etc. That is always a struggle at Starbucks as you could imagine. Anyways, I’m a senior :class of 2019, and this is my second year in newspaper. I joined newspaper for more photography learning experiences and it has helped me so much. It continues to make me better every day. Not only do I love photography, but I love music as well, and have been in varsity choir for four years now. As the next year comes around, I should be attending UNT and majoring in Photography to begin my life as an adult. I'm a big dreamer and have high hopes for my future to become a traveling photographer. I've always wanted to travel the world, and as a hardworking girl I plan on making my dreams come true. Yep, that's me. *Raven Symone voice*

Haley Sanford, Staff Writer

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