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Courtney Thompson
Hey y'all! ‘Im Courtney and I am a member of the Hawks Times News Team. I love writing, hanging out with friends, and long car rides. For fun I watch Netflix, do dance, or just simply talk to anyone. I would consider myself a people person, but only when I know at least one or two of the people there, other wise I’m pretty reserved. I may seem like I’m on my phone a lot, but it’s probably just me talking to people I am comfortable around. My least favorite thing ever is having nothing to do, so I like to keep myself busy. I say I don’t like school, but it’s not all that bad. My favorite things about high school are pep rallies, football games, and seeing my friends. Not that I don't like the learning, but the extra activities are so exciting. In the future I plan to go to college, but I’m not sure what for yet. It doesn't matter though. I have plenty of time to figure it out. I know I want to work with kids, because I love working with younger people, and helping people in general. For now, I’m just having fun and doing what I like.  

Courtney Thompson, Advertising Manager, Staff Writer

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