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Rockwall-Heath Football in the last few weeks

With so much promise for a dominating season, a new coach, and young quarterback, many people have become confused about the last two football game outcomes for Heath.

On Heath’s Homecoming night, the Hawks, who faced Tyler Lee, left the home stadium with a 39-34 loss. Tyler Lee out beat Heath, by a few points, which Heath could have gained from not missing a field goal during the first half of the game. The game was supposed to be a shoe in, put turned out to be a competitive match up. 

Heath played Mesquite High School’s Skeeters last Friday night on Oct. 3. It was the Skeeters Homecoming night this time around, and they ended up coming on top out of the two teams. At the end of the game the score came out to be a 49-39 victory, with the win going to Mesquite.

Over the course of the last few weeks, the Hawks have come close to a victory over their opponents, but a few key mistakes have prevented them from claiming their bounty. With Hoover’s passing yards ranking up, second best quarterback in the district with 2,047 yards, it is hard to comprehend where the team is going wrong when they lose by less than 10 points each game. 

Some key plays have changed the course of the games played. Some interceptions thrown by Heath have been caught by opponents, which has led the other team to score unwarranted touchdowns. In the game against Tyler Lee, Heath’s defense let Lee’s offense gain close to 50 yards after a missed sack which allowed them to score a touchdown. If those mistakes were cleared up, a win could have been possible for Heath. 

This season, despite the last two losses for Heath,  people have said that this year’s Heath Football team is more entertaining to watch. With a promising young quarterback, a stacked and fast offensive team, as well as a young and strong defense, there is room for improvement during the next games in the district. Rockwall-Heath is set to play as the home team against rival team Rockwall High School on Oct. 11 at 7:30 PM. 


Make sure to wear red for the first ever ‘Red Out’ game in school history. Come out to Wilkerson Stadium to cheer on our boys for a rival win against Rockwall on Friday. JFDT!

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