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Brady’s Legacy// The third game of the season is this coming Sunday. The New England Patriots play the New York Jets. Photo Credit:

Belichick’s Team

Patriots: back for more

With fall shortly on the horizon, and with two games already finished for the beginning of a new football season, many people are anxious to see who will be the best for the NFL. There are many teams and players across the league and both conferences that have improved and maintained their skills, but the stats don’t lie: The New England Patriots are on their way to being one of the best teams, if not the best, in the league… again.

The New England Patriots Franchise is known for being a force to be reckoned with. With their future Hall of Famer quarterback Tom Brady, and valuable assets such as Edelman, the team seems as though they are unstoppable.

In this season, the New England Patriots have already produced a record for the most amount of total points scored in the first two games of a NFL season. They have won the first two of their season games by almost 73 points combined.

In last Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, the Patriots defense intercepted 4 passes and had 7 sacks.

The Dolphins had previously lost the weekend before, coming to the game against the Pats defeated and battered. But that didn’t stop the Patriots from shutting down the game early on.

With only 3 points against them in the beginning of this season, the Patriots are going to be a fun team to watch again this year. Taking one game at a time could possibly lead Belichick to his 9th Super Bowl win and Brady to a 7th. Only time will tell.

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