A multi-talented athlete

Shooting hoops, running the track, and stepping up to bat all in one year


It’s in the genes // Rhonda Giadolor, pictured here with fellow teammate, Makayha Jenkins, freshman. Rhonda, who plays many sports, says that she gets her athletic ability from her family. “Truly my love for sports came from my brothers. My whole life I watched them plays sports like basketball and run track and because of that, I had a strong urge to go out of my way and play sports also. I believe that being apart of a sports team in school is one of the best feelings to experience.” said Rhonda Giadolor, sophomore.

Ishika Patel, Writer

Rhonda Giadolor has participated in Rockwall-Heath golf, basketball, softball, and track throughout her sophomore year. She steps up to bat, shoots hoops, swings the club, and crosses the finish line within one school year.

“My most favorite part about being a member of a sports team at heath is how every team I have been in has the same environment. Being on a team at Heath is like having a second family. You can count on your team to be there for you no matter what and it’s a great feeling.”

Rhonda’s athletic ability comes from her several family members. Both of her parents were very active throughout their previous years. Her brothers ran track and one of them helped set a relay record.

“I have been playing basketball for about 4 years now. I have been running track for about 6 years now. I have never played softball before, this year was my first time. I have never played golf before last year what the first time.”

Her love of sports came from her older brothers, Christian, Wesley, and Prince. After watching them play sports for her whole life it inspired her to pursue several sports for herself as well.

“My most memorable memory would be when I was in basketball playing for junior varsity and we were playing Rockwall for the second time of the season. The first time we played them we lost and we did not want to have the same outcome We ended up winning the game after going into double overtime. It was a big fight and it just showed how hardworking and determined these girls were to give their all for a victory.”