Drip or drown

Rivalry week, yet respectful


Heath takes both wins// Both games were packed this past week from both sides. The whole town came to support their side. Heath won both games. Zak McDonald said, “All drip no drown, we won and did it right.”

Courtney Thompson

Yet another rivalry game is upon us, but this time, two in one week. As our baseball team plays the cross town rival Rockwall, students are encouraged to support the team, not bash the other.

Rivalry games here are a big deal, and students go all out to show they are the better team. However, our motto is ‘Better Together’ so some feel that it needs to be toned down a bit.

“We need to focus on cheering for our team and celebrating the good things we have done rather than bashing the opponent,” said Heath principal Todd Bradford.

The stands were packed for the Tuesday game at Rockwall High School, and once again packed on Friday at Heath. Even if students aren’t HUGE baseball fans, they most likely will show up for this.

“I went to the rivalry games,” said student Keva Testa. “They are way more exciting because everyone’s more hype and more is on the line. I like cheering on my team with my friends.”

With a big crowd comes many students to control and make sure they are doing the right thing. Testa also mentioned how it was exciting and fun, but there was some bashing happening.

“The students got in trouble, and it interrupted the game. If they were just more supportive of us it would have been more fun.”

The baseball team always puts in their best efforts, but even more comes when they play Rockwall. The team plays harder and stronger than ever.

“The atmosphere is different like for any rivalry game,” included Varsity Baseball player Zak McDonald. “We bring our A-game, and we know we have to win. We play for the bragging rights, knowing we overcame them.”

The team knows what they have to do and focuses on the win, and they want the whole team wants people to get out there, support them, and do it reasonably.