Getchya heart in the game

Love comes in all forms


Valentine’s Day lovin// Zachary Mumphrey is not one to shy away from some good ole public declarations of love. “Of course I will be spending Valentine’s day playing basketball.”

Abby Woloss, Opinions Editor

Valentine’s Day falls on this coming Thursday. Many students will be picking up their dates and driving to the most affordable restaurant for two early in the evening. Zach Mumphrey, though only a freshman, is no exception. The only difference though: his date happens on the court. He will literally be the Belle (well maybe beast) of the ball.

When it comes to love of the game, he sure is quick to stand tall and proud when declaring his true feelings.

“On a scale of one to ten? An 11, because I’ve grown up around basketball since I was four. It’s my first love and it always will be.”

The day they met is not hard to recount. For him, knowing it was the one, was as easy as knowing his old favorite song.

“When I made my first shot without any help as a little kid, is when I just knew. It was too satisfying and amazing to not be able to experience. We’ve been together since I was four, so eleven years. My grandfather introduced us.”

Like most relationships, there are fights, and at some points in time, the dreaded statement is brought about: “We need to take a break.” Zach is no exception. He’s got his own little Ross and Rachel moment too.

“I did have a soccer phase, but I never doubted or stopped playing basketball. I would always get in fights with people over it. The competition is constant, so I plan on staying together forever.”

Many couples sometimes find it easy to find the faults in their partners, but Zach, well he says there is nothing wrong with his first love.

“I love that it makes me feel good to make others around me better, as well as when others make me better too. I love bringing a team together and doing well.”

Valentine’s Day will be here before many know it. Some people will give and receive chocolate, others will attempt to carry life sized teddy bears around campus. Zach plans on spending the day with the sport he loves: basketball.