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The Few, The Strong

Sutton Mills, Staff Writer

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The life of a student athlete is always challenging. Throw in exciting social life and good grades, even more difficult. Also throw in a club sport.. overwhelming. Club sports are provided by different organizations that cost money, and allow the athlete to play more, and increase their chances of playing at a collegiate level. There is a select group of teenagers that are able to balance all of these things successfully.

The difference between most club teams and high school teams is not only the quality of the athletes, but also many other things. In high school sports, your parents don’t have to pay an annual fee towards the organization to get uniforms and other things. In high school, to raise money, most schools hold fundraisers. Another difference is who views these events. In sports such as soccer, college coaches don’t recruit from high school games, they recruit fro the club level. This is different in sports such as football, where college coaches will attend the school games.

A number of athletes will choose one over the other- high school team or club team. It is those who play both who show responsibility, dedication, and a true love for the sport they play.

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The Few, The Strong