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Athletics: Friend or Foe?

Logan Wilson

Logan Wilson, Staff Writer

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     In schools these days, teachers cannot help but wonder whether athletics or academics is more important to the students. Both can get you into colleges if you excel in them, and both can be fun and enjoyable if you work hard enough. People have a tendency to prefer one or the other. The question at the end of the day is: is it really all worth it to risk a scholarship? You have no guarentee your grades will be as magnificent as they should be, or your sport will allow you to succeed in life.

    Junior Drew Mauldin is an all “A” student who plays select baseball outside of school. Mauldin says, “Personally I lean more towards academics, but sports can just as well get you into college.”  Although, he probably spends more time on sports per week, he spends a good amount of his free time studying. Mauldin continued to say that,” Colleges look a lot at grades, but if a student is good at sports then the college will take an even higher interest in the student athlete.”

    Mauldin’s mom Amy Mauldin says, “Anything can happen in sports, but academics will always be there for a student. When playing sports injuries are inevitable, but academics will carry you no matter what.” She also believes that colleges love a good student athlete, but she puts grades at the top of her children’s lists. You can do well at sports, but you need to have to grades to be able to fall back on, and there is no doubt about that.

    Everyone in the Mauldin household is smart and does well in school. Mrs. Mauldin has very high standards for all of her children and wants them all to have the option to go to college. Mrs. Mauldin says that she probably spends less than one hour per week helping her kids with homework, even with four kids and three of which are in school. “It’s not that I’m not here to help them, they just never need my help. My kids are extremely smart, and I’m proud to say that!” Her children hold high standards for themselves, because they want to succeed in school. Failure is not even in the dictionary at the Mauldin household.

    Several athletes have the mind set of getting grades that are passing and focus all their other attention on their sport. Some even have other people to do their homework for them, or even paying other students to do it for them! Unfortunatley, it’s a common habit in many students, but what these athletes do not know is that this is not going to work after high school. Also, is it fair to the other students who actually try in school?

    As you can see, in an ordinary American household sports are a big part of life, but ultimately academics is the root of the sport and does all the behind scenes for the sport, which can make up many more jobs than the actual sport. Academics will always be there for you, and if you rely solely on sports to get you into college and through life, you will most likely be burned. Sports are extremely important to the public and society.  Academics sometimes seem to be the dark horse in the race between academics and athletics, but usually come out on top in the end.

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Athletics: Friend or Foe?