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Athlete of the Month: Brianna Richardson

Macie Daughenbaugh

Macie Daughenbaugh, Staff writer

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As the smell of sweat increased in the air, the crowd inched closer to the edge of their seats, waiting. The sound of the ball hitting the hard floor then the player’s hand got closer and closer each second. Suddenly, there are only thirty seconds left on the clock, it is time to make a quick move. “Swish,” she made the three-point shot, hitting nothing but net. This would be the average day in the shoes of Brianna Richardson.

Senior, Brianna Richardson, plays on Heath’s basketball team and runs track. Richardson also goes by Leggs, because her legs have gotten her far in sports. She went to state towards the end of last school year and some creditshould go to her coaches who have helped her come a long way in achieving her sporting goals by pushing her. Richardson’s coaches are Coach Gabbard and Coach Holley. Coach Gabbard holds practices on Monday through Friday, for two hours each morning. Richardson also practices every Saturday for two hours, which shows she is truly dedicated to basketball. Richardson really loves every sport, but the hardest sport Richardson has ever played is football. Richardson found football hard, because the rules are confusing and the game is hard to follow. Richardson has never wanted to quit playing basketball or track, because her love for them has kept her going.

Since Richardson is a senior this year, she is looking into colleges and which one will be best for her. Richardson has gone on a couple visits to LSU and her love has grew for the school more and more each time she goes. Richardson is most likely going to attend LSU and run track for them, because they have had an amazing track team for years and counting.  LSU is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, that way she will still be close to her friends and family back in Texas.

Sophomore, Ashley Baynes, is a friend of Richardson’s and a fellow teammate. Baynes moved her from Brooklyn, New York her seventh grade year. Baynes began running with Richardson four years ago and continues to as of today. Baynes looks up to Richardson and pushes herself to beat records she has set.  Baynes hopes to be as good as Richardson one day and hopes to be remembered like Richardson will be. They became really close from running together and their friendship grew from there on. Baynes is the third leg and Richardson is the fourth leg, so Baynes has to hand off to her during every race. Baynes enjoys watching Richardson during sports, because it is exciting and keeps you on your toes. Watching Richardson has helped Baynes get better with running and helped her learn what she needs to work on to improve. Baynes said Richardson has came a long way since her ninth grade year because “each year she progresses,” and continues to make new records each year. Lastly, Baynes thinks Richardson has work very hard for where she is at now, because she is a very hard-working athlete and knows what she wants, so she has always been very determined to accomplish what she enjoys.

Richardson has accomplished a lot to reach where she is now standing sporting wise. Richardson is going to continue doing what she loves even after High School, she plans on taking her love for the game to college. If she could thank anyone for how far she has come, she would thank her mom for encouraging her and pushing her. Richardson has made it this far with support from friends, family and even people she doesn’t know.  Her friends have played a important role in her life, because they are always there for her; whether it is talking about personal issues or going to a game showing support. If you haven’t seen her play, then go to one her basketball games and watch her play. It is a game you would love to see!

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Athlete of the Month: Brianna Richardson