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It’s “About Time” a RomCom Gets it Right!

Lauren Homesley, Staff Writer

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Time is a precious gift that most of us take for granted. In the film About Time, Tim Lake discovers he can travel back in his past to change his present. Tim’s father tells Tim that only the men in the family are able to do so. To travel in time, Tim goes into a dark closet, cupboard, or room, clenches his palms, shuts his eyes, and then thinks of the exact moment where he wants to go; just like magic! After his father tells Tim of the secret talent possessed by the males of the family, Tim is in absolute disbelief and half-heartedly tries to “travel back in time.” To his surprise, Tim has, in fact, traveled back to the night before, which was New Year’s Eve. The previous night, he was too nervous to kiss a beautiful girl at the stroke of midnight, however, this time he made sure he kissed her. Tim comes back to the present and tells his father of his success made. With time travel under his belt, Tim is able to fix every little mistake that he has. Eventually, this leads him to meet a beautiful woman named Mary, played by Rachel McAdams. Tim and Mary fall in love and eventually marry and later, have a daughter, Posy. Throughout this process, Tim realizes the caveat of his power; he cannot travel back past the birth of Posy because it will erase the event of her birth, causing Tim and Mary to have a different child. Due to this, Tim resumes his travels when his father becomes ill with cancer and then dies. During Tim’s travels back in time with his father, the two of them relieve Tim’s childhood moments. When Tim comes back to the present, Mary tells Tim that she wants to have another child; Tim has to make a decision between moving on with time or holding onto the past to visit his dad. After one last visit with his father, Tim agrees to move on and have another child with Mary. The moral of the movie is to enjoy every single second of life, no matter how unpleasant or difficult it may seem. I found this film to be quite the tearjerker and an absolute success; with its clever lines and interesting concept and storyline, About Time is surely one to watch. I recommend this movie highly, especially for a girls’ night or a date night; its About Time you go and see it!

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It’s “About Time” a RomCom Gets it Right!