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Resolutions// With a new year upon us, the world is full of people with new goals. But, will they achieve those goals? Photo Credit:


Do they actually work

When January 1st rolls around, many people feel as though they have a new found mindset or are hoping to achieve one. On the calendar, January’s days are full of newly set goals to achieve and new activities to do. But, there seems to be a common occurrence around the world when February 1st hits- those goals are either prospering or failing and there is no in between. 80 percent of people disregard their resolutions once the first 31 days of the year are over.

New year’s resolutions have become a staple in people’s conversations at the beginning of every year. Some choose to be kinder, to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ more, to eat less bread, to fly by the seat of their pants, or to simply work out more. These all seem like they are easy, theoretically, but in reality, people have become so stuck in their ways that change, well, it’s hard to do and keep up with. 

Due to the surplus of instant gratification people have come to have, waiting for results or for something to change in each others lives is difficult. It is hard to be patient in a world that seems to never stand still. And while patience is key to achieving any kind of goal, there is another key aspect of setting goals that many people seem to overlook when setting new year’s resolutions: specificity. So many goals are general, that they are unattainable. 

Someone wants to eat healthier. Well, it depends on what your idea of healthy is on certain days. Instead of making a generalization, we need to pinpoint a certain aspect of that goal. So, instead of saying ‘eating healthy’, say you want to cook homemade meals 5 days a week. It’s more specific and there is a better plan set to try and make that dream a reality.

There is an array of techniques it takes to achieve a goal one has set for themselves. But the greatest technique to try and learn and master is how to rewire your brain. Our brains are our greatest weaknesses. Many people become discouraged when they don’t see results, give up because they realize they ‘can’t’ do whatever it is they wanted to do, or become critical of themselves for having set a goal. It is our brains that tell us we can’t do something, so we give up. But, if we actually want to attain the results of our goals, we need to learn how to not talk ourselves out of things.

Many New Year’s resolutions fail. Not very many people are successful, yet everyone keeps setting goals and hoping for the outcome they promised themselves- without doing any real work. These resolutions, in this kind of game plan, don’t work. They never had a chance of working. But, they could work, if the way people set goals changes. Theoretically, setting a goal and achieving it is entirely possible. But realistically, people talk themselves out of succeeding when it comes to their new year’s resolutions.


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