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Thats right// The debate for when to decorate for Christmas time has already started to spark up once again. Well, it sparked the first of November really. But, at the end of the day, is there really such a thing as too early?
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That’s right// The debate for when to decorate for Christmas time has already started to spark up once again. Well, it sparked the first of November really. But, at the end of the day, is there really such a thing as ‘too early’? Photo Credit:

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Too soon?

There are times in life when certain things need to be done before we can move on to the next thing. For example, say you want to make a cake or something. Well, you need to get in the car, go to the grocery store, put the groceries in the cart, take them out of the cart to be scanned, and then put them back in the cart… you know, the painful process. Then, you can finally make the cake. But, there are other times in life when we can just get straight to the point: when you can make the cake because you have all the ingredients at home and eat it. There are not many of these moments in life, but one of my favorite times this can happen has created mass controversy in society. Can you put up your tree and holiday decorations before Thanksgiving is over? And the answer, from me, is yes. Yes, you can.

When my birthday came around my freshmen year of high school, my parents asked what I wanted. I said I wished it was Christmas time already. Mind you, my birthday is on the seventh of October. And like the loving people my parents are, they did just what I wished for. I came home one day from school and the entire inside of the house was decked out in Christmas decorations. Our house stayed like that until January. It lasted 4 months. It was my own little paradise.

If you are a Christmas-joy-in-fall hater, there is logic to the madness. My family was going out of town for Thanksgiving and we were leaving on Christmas Day to go to Massachusetts in order to spend the holidays with family. So technically, the tree and decorations were up so early to make the most of bringing the Christmas accolades up and down the ladder from the attic. But, also to fulfill my wishes. So, we did that to be able to enjoy Christmas that year without having to haul a variety of decorations throughout the house every time a new holiday came around. And honestly, it was so much easier than having to put out pumpkins and skeletons one month, moving that out in 3 days, then putting up leaves, more pumpkins, and everything turkey out, putting that stuff away, and then finally unveiling the tree, placing jolly Santa’s throughout the house, and hanging the stockings. But if you still don’t understand the logic, it was only Christmas at my house in the inside. On the outside, the door decorations changed as the holidays did. There was still some societal stipulations about decorations placed upon my household. Everything was okay. But now, every year, we decorate for Christmas, on the inside, before Thanksgiving is over. And you know what, it brings so much joy to me. And that, that is more important than how other people feel about it.

Over the years many people have gotten into tiffs about when you should actually decorate for the wonderful time of Christmas. And while that is great and all, there is no right time. It’s all up to preference. But, let me just point out to all the grumpy people who don’t want Christmas so early, Steve McKeown, a psychoanalyst, told Unildad that “those of us who wheel out the Christmas tree as soon as the bonfire embers diminish are much happier and excited about life.” He says it brings back feelings of nostalgia for childhood and helps us remember the good times with people who have passed and with those we haven’t possibly seen in awhile. It allows time to reflect and creates feelings of calmness.

By the time Christmas is over and New Years has come, I have had my fair share of all the decorations. I’m ready to take it all down and get on with the next days to come. While I am advocating that there is no limit on when you can decorate for Christmas, I am not saying Christmas decorations all year is great either. Looking forward to something is important as well. I love Christmas for what it represents: the coming together of family, the celebration of life, the belief in something greater than myself, and the sense of love everywhere you look; well, maybe not on Black Friday or when trying to get the best holiday deals at the store. I think throughout the year, I get so excited for the holidays because of all the emotions that come with it. And at times, on the days when it feels like time is just dragging on or going by too fast, I think back to the times when it was easiest to just try and live in the moment. And for me, that happens most often during the holidays. And while I am aware that is not the case for everyone, that is the case for me. So I don’t think I should judge and pick arguments with people for not decorating early enough any more than picking a fight because people decorate too early. Everyone has their own reasons and sometimes it’s not as surface level as we all would like to think. Sometimes, there is more to the story.






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