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Its all about perspective// The oncoming 2020 presidential election has many states and poll agencies already starting to gauge where certain votes will land. 
Credit: (Illustration: Roman Genn)
National Review

It’s all about perspective// The oncoming 2020 presidential election has many states and poll agencies already starting to gauge where certain votes will land. Credit: (Illustration: Roman Genn) National Review

Politics and Partisans

Conservatism: a concept of many facets

Texas is infamous for conservatism. The south, and Texas specifically is regularly seen as a Republican Party state. And based off of a recent poll, that judgement isn’t entirely false. According to the latest University of Texas and Texas Tribune Poll, Donald Trump would outbeat all democratic matchups for the Presidency in Texas.

With the ongoing impeachment trials brewing and more skepticism being brought into the forefront about Trump’s presidency, it could be shocking that many people support the current president in being re-elected for a second term. However, many Texans have seemed to vote in favor of the business man’s current policies and, invertedly, legal standings.

Despite many potential controversial fallouts over the years, President Donald Trump has seemingly, almost, always dodged a bullet. It is hard to recall upon a time when his accusers and bystanders were proved correct. And today, it’s hard to imagine anything different from happening. The impeachment process has had seemingly zero impact upon Texas’ vote for Trump in the 2020 presidential election, which is interesting due to Texas’ seemingly conservative values.

Conservatism could be taken in different measures. It could be seen in terms of legal boundaries, regulations, and foreighn affairs, but at times, it can be seen in terms of how one represents themselves. Trump, at times, appears to fail at being conservative in terms of personal representation, but I suppose that is what people in the public see from the media. He appears to rarely ever save his thoughts about people for himself. Conserving personal thoughts and prejudices is apparently not a thing for him, or at least that’s what is perceived to occur in public. But I suppose, you do have to be transparent when president.

So, with Texas being conservative in nature, it is strange to me, to see so many people who value traditional politics to vote for somebody who can use his presidential power, at times, or so they say, in ways that sometimes aren’t very ‘conservative’ like. But looking back, I have seen that Trump, for the most part, has done what he says he was going to, in terms of policies. But if those policies are conservative or not, I guess, is theoretically an opinion of someone’s term of conservativism.

With each new presidency, there is a new mindset and image taken about. Each candidate running for the democrats or republicans creates a new novel idea of what each party will stand or present themselves as for the next 4 years. It is possible that the Democratic Party has not yet created a concept greater than what Trump and his campaign execs are offering. But, is it possible to say that conservative politics has evolved in the course of the Trump White House period? And, is it possible, the 2 different parties excluded, that to be president, an individual doesn’t need to have polite speech in the public eye or have internet courtesy in the age of media to be president.

 I think it is a high possibility that many people feel as though they could put up with some antics for 4 years, if the president is getting his job done. If he/she is protecting the american people, if the economy is doing well, and if the majority of people are living a decent quality of life. Values of what people want to see in the presidency change every year, but usually, states tend to stick with the party that they have always voted for; they are disregarding the values that candidates themselves hold, because they are perceived to value the same things as the party they are running for. 

President Trump, in the satisfactory polls of citizens, seems to be doing his job. And despite his recent legal conflicts, he still stands in high regard to be the winning candidate in Texas for the upcoming presidential election. It seems as though, and I may be wrong, that conservatism only matters when conservative legal policies are being followed, for the Republican Party candidates that is. Conservatism in other aspects of politics, and life, is a little bit of a more hazy concept when it comes to supporting a person or candidate. But, don’t quote me on that. I’m still trying to understand, and I still have a lot to learn about politics and it’s different varying faces.

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