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Bring back the Darkside // The student body population is lacking in school spirit. “It’s kind of sad that there’s not much excitement,” said Saige Young, junior.

The Pep Rally Plague

Where did the spirit go

It’s safe to say that Heath doesn’t have the most school spirit. Since my freshman year, I’ve definitely noticed the decline in the “pep” during pep rallies, and there has never been that much excitement surrounding them in the first place. This is astronomically different when compared to our cross-town rival, Rockwall High School’s school spirit.

Across town, Rockwall High School has repeatedly popped up as a nominee for the most spirited school in all of Dallas-Fort Worth; rivaling the excitement of Allen High School and others. They even took home an award for school spirit a year ago. But there is one thing both schools, Rockwall and Rockwall-Heath have in common, each student body’s pep rally seems to be a bit repetitive.

Judging by the amount of people sitting in the cafeteria during each pep rally, attendance to pep rallies is becoming lower and lower. The possible solution? Make pep rallies more engaging and entertaining. Every pep rally has the same thing over and over again: first the band plays, then the cheerleaders, and so on. Pep rallies are a way to improve school spirit, which in turn allows for a closer community of students. We’re lacking in both departments. 

A school isn’t much without spirit. Changing up the pep rallies, making the class versus class games more entertaining, and continuing years long traditions are all ways to boost the excitement around pep rallies. As a school, we should be striving for that anticipation around pep rallies and the possibility of a close-knit student body population. Just think of the lively environment that could be built here at Heath.


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