Senioritis begins to spread

Is the reality of the world too much?


Haley Sanford

Stress or reality? // Gearing up for prom and graduation, seniors are overwhelmed with due dates and forms to sign. Seniors have been finding it hard to gain motivation when finishing the rest of school year strong. Senior Kassidy Turner said, “I push through senioritis because I know that I only have 2 months left and I’m trying to make the most of it.”

Haley Sanford, Staff writer

As the weight of the world starts to push down on the seniors, their stress levels begin to rise to the extreme. Struggling to get through the last 2 months of school, the seniors don’t know what awaits. In their final months of high school they prepare for their journeys through life as they move forward to the future they have chosen. The intensity settles in, but they shouldn’t fight the stress of reality.

The stress seniors endure will benefit all of them moving forward with their new lives as adults. Seniors shouldn’t avoid their issues of what they are stressing about, they should face it and accept it.

After leaving high school, the students encounter many more responsibilities as they usually have jobs, go to college, possibly have a husband, or even kids. These responsibilities all happen at once and as adults, they take their past knowledge of managing multiple things to help them in their adult lives. Seniors now have the time to learn from this experience of academic and everyday life overload.

It may be true that stress can have long-term negative effects on people at a young age, however this stress will create benefits of less stress for their adult lives. The stress as a high school student will only be temporary, and will help prepare them for an adult life with many more obstacles they will have to face. Giving in to the stress of the senior life will benefit everyone as it will help overall with the lifetime experience.

Students could try and work through the stress by taking one thing at a time and figuring it out. By doing this, seniors won’t stress as much, but they will still have the exposure to having a lot to deal with in life. Making this strategy will also assist them in their future stress,this way they already have a system of how to manage their priorities all at once.

Senior students should make it a priority to not worry about their stress levels. The stress can wait and instead, dealing with the problem is imperative. Don’t worry about the stress seniors, the adult life is still waiting on the other side!