Prom spirit week


One last dress up // Prom week is the week of May 15-17, which means dressing up. “It’s not fun anymore because they took stuff away this year like senior sprint days” said Brooke Wood.

Ashlyn Parks, Social Media Editor, Writer

Prom Spirit Week has arrived from May 13th through the 17th. Monday is Vine/Meme day, Tuesday is Twin Day, Wednesday is worn out (senior citizen), Thursday is throwback (2000’s) and Friday is Future. Each day there is an award that is given to the best dressed student for that specific theme. The winner is chosen from students that used the hashtag #rhhs19bestdressed on twitter.

Not many seniors are participating in the prom spirit days this year. The only day that seniors have really participated in is the Senior Citizen day. Some seniors have participated in the other days dressing up as, thing one and thing two for twin day, Thanos for meme day and Lady Gaga. These people all won the award of best dressed for their creative outfits.

Many are not dressing up, which does not display school spirit throughout the Heath campus. Although the spirit days this year are very repeated from homecoming spirit week of this year, more seniors could have had some fun with the days and worn their thematic outfits.

However, many seniors are dressed up for senior citizens considering that only seniors dress up as that and only happens once a year for the seniors, considering seniors are called “senior citizens”.

Students should vote for prom spirit days so that everyone has a chance to partake in the school spirit with something that they prefer to dress up as. This gives a chance for the seniors to participate in choosing themes that they would like to dress up for.

Prom spirit week is a fun week for students going to prom to show some school spirit. But, the participation rate can increase if the school gives the seniors a chance to choose what themes they would like to dress up for.