Hard work should pay off

Should students get rewarded for doing good in school?


Hard work SHOULD pay off. A students giving all their effort to get A honor roll should receive some type of reward for their work. They will be much for motivated. Sophomore Ella Schirato said, “I get rewarded for good grades and it makes me keep going and continue to try.”

Courtney Thompson

Getting a good report card sent home is always exciting, but even better when there is a reward waiting for you. Many families have different expectations for their students when it comes to grades, some get rewarded for good work and others are expected to have this and punished if they don’t.

Students should be rewarded for doing good in school. Even if that is their regular, it is extra motivation to not give up. The actual content of the reward is not what is important, but the gesture of knowing someone is proud makes someone feel better.

School gets harder and harder every year, at at this point motivation is sometimes hard to find. Knowing that good grades will get some point of prize will make any student try harder.

         Some students are just expected to get good grades, but eventually they will get tired of this expectation and realize there isn’t much to lose if they fail. On the other hand, if a student always fails they will continue to do this, ruining future possibilities for college and jobs.

         Any small reward works as a motivator. It doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal of money or a gift, just whatever works for the occasion. A trip to the students favorite restaurant if they do good is simple enough. The grade they have to make can be different for every student, depending on their abilities. While one student should be making A honor roll, another student may just need to pass.

       Students should be rewarded with some type of reward in order to stay motivated, focused, and working hard in school. School gets more and more difficult every year, and a simple reward for continuing to try hard is all it takes for students to stay on top of their work.