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SAT vs ACT: You Decide

Alison Blanchard

Kaylyn Burns, Staff Writer

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The most important test of a student’s life is right around the corner the second the doors to high school open. The decision to either take the SAT or the ACT can weigh on a student’s shoulder if they don’t know which one would be a better choice. However, lucky for the lower classman the seniors have passed down their advice to the ones that are stuck on this life changing decision.

The SAT has 10 sections in the three hours and forty-five minutes it takes to finish the test but keeping up the energy to focus the entire time is more difficult than believed. The SAT consists of three major sections: critical reading, mathematics and writing with questions that are ranged between easy, medium and hard. “I expected questions that I knew and questions that I didn’t know considering taking the SAT was the second time taking it,” senior Jonathon Thomas said. There are multiple methods to preparing for the SAT however when it comes down to it practice makes perfect. “I think you should always prepare and it is beneficial to do so you achieve higher scores, you don’t go bow hunting without practicing first,” senior Alex Pittman said. It benefits more if a student starts studying a month in advance and gets to know the layout of the test.

The way to build up the confidence over a test that can so easily cause unbearable stress is to take the wait a day at a time. “Don’t frustrate too much on getting a perfect score the first time you take it. Go in with a positive attitude and study beforehand,” senior Ashley Miller said. The SAT is not a test that should be rushed; it is a necessity to pace through the long hours.

The ACT is made up of four tests and one optional writing section that have a score range from one to thirty six. “It was a very important test because it was a big part of my way into college,” senior Hunter Seales said. The four areas it covers are mathematics, reading, writing and science. Even though the two tests are guaranteed admission into college if scored high enough, the ACT can benefit to some students differently than others. “The ACT has more common knowledge questions,” Miller said. A secret weapon that seniors use before the ACT test date is a prep class that gets you ready for the unknown. “You get a little help on how to take the test and managing your time wisely,” Seales said.

The process of taking tests may not be for everyone in high school but it should be mandatory at least once even if a student’s future plans are not college. “I do think that the SAT and the ACT do need to be taken at least once whether you tried or didn’t it needs to happen,” Thomas said. Even if a student doesn’t plan on a university right after high school but plan on enrolling sometime in the near future it can help tremendously the sooner it is taken.

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SAT vs ACT: You Decide