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A Cheater’s Domain

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Think about that time when you were so nervous for the test next period.  Now what if that one kid offered you a way out?  He had the answers in his hand and all you had to do was take it. What do you do? Of course we ignore the fact that colleges rely on GPA or class rank. Many students have cheated in one way or another. One student mentioned taping answers to the pencil that you would use to take the test, or to write the answer on a belt that you are wearing.  Other students make sure they are absent before a test so that they can take it later and their friends could give them the answers.  But the point of this is not to give ideas of different and new ways to cheat. Cheating is still wrong even if it does not physically affect people in obvious ways.

Schoolwork is designed to be challenging.  How many students make an exception for their friends who really need a good grade because they are failing so bad that they can not pass if they receive anything lower then an 85.  One student confessed to cheating on tests before and gave the reason that “it’s their decision whether they want to or not, so if they fell like it’s right for them to do that or they are failing a class really bad then I guess it’s okay”.  It is a wonder as to how the people in the top ten percent made their way there and whether or not they truly worked to get there.  There have been situations in which people in the top ten people of our class have either stolen tests or found a way to get them online.  The lengths that people go in order to receive a grade can be great.

Some students do not even consider speaking out against someone because they “just do not think about it” said the students who confessed to cheating.  Why not speak out against someone who is cheating?  One student claimed to have witnessed someone high in rank cheating and spoke out against that person.  But the student witnesses other students cheating and fails to mention those incidents.  “I had a test [stolen] and someone came and told me but there was no physical proof” Kathleen Shipman said, a PRE-AP and AP math teacher at RHHS.  The thought of standing up for you’re fairly earned grades and allowing for that student to face repercussions could be a little frightening.  But look at it this way, later in life they are going to have to face up to it one way or another.

There are ways that cheating can be stopped. For example “To get rid of class rank,” Shipman said would “curve” the need for cheating, as grades would not be the only deciding factor for colleges.  One teacher tried to record his class while they were taking a test because apparently they had taken a test in which the entire class received the same grade and the same wrong answer.  Although this may seem wrong, it changed the grades significantly for the students. Maybe the next course of action is to make it where cheating does not benefit the cheater.  If you take away the grade what do you have? You have a test that everyone has to take, but no reason for it.  Maybe each student should be tested with something different on each test. Whatever happens we must acknowledge one thing.  Knowledge is power.  And false knowledge is not very strong.  Any cheater can only cheat as long as there is a way for them to do so.  A cheater’s domain is only what we allow for them to have.

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A Cheater’s Domain