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The Value of Life

Kaylyn Burns

Kaylyn Burns, staff writer

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The tiny heart of a human being pumping blood throughout its’ body, hearing the voices and sounds of the outside world, existing in the world of warmth and comfort while developing the strength to enter a world it cannot yet understand, is a precious miracle. Most teenagers are still children themselves, having the freedom of choice to kill a life that affects more than the child. The advantages and disadvantages to ending the struggle between facing the responsibility or not are many, and are deeply personal.

“Abortion” is a term that sets most people on a path of deep thought about why they are pro-life or pro-choice. “There are always consequences to either decision,” said junior Nick Srygley. A woman needs to not only think about the baby, but the other lives affected. “I would be upset if I was gonna be a father but the mother had an abortion. I would be torn apart because that’s the one thing that I can’t wait to be, is a father,” said Srygley. The father’s point of view is not normally associated with abortion, mainly because he is not the one carrying the child. Still the father is as much apart of the child as the mother. A man can watch the process of the abortion on the outside but how much input or influence does he have? Junior Gavin Horton does not feel one way or another about abortion but might if someone close to him were going through the process of deciding. “The process…like anyone would have to go through…deciding if they want to go on having a baby or aborting it…deciding if they want a child and the responsibility of being a parent or if they can’t afford or handle it right now is hard” Horton said.

Some people are completely tolerant of abortion if a victim of rape conceives the baby, whether it is a stranger or on a date.  Others feel that abortion is murder and should be punishable by law no differently than a homicide. Some believe that it is not the governments’ business or religions and it is strictly a mother’s choice. A few consider it to be the best way out of a mistake of not being responsible enough to use contraceptives, or being too naïve, uneducated, or uncaring, to understand the risks of having unprotected physical relationship- even just once.

Abortion is a serious life decision a person has to live with forever. People do not know how they will deal with it until they are faced with the decision themselves. It is not an easy choice and it is highly emotional. It affects a person the rest of their life. It has been debated whether it is a legal choice or a moral one. In the state of Texas, in 1973, a civil lawsuit was presented that challenged whether the criminal abortions laws were constitutional. In Roe versus Wad, the ruling was that the ability of the mother to choose for herself is a “fundamental right.” The issue of whether abortion ends a life was argued long before that case and still continues today.

It is possible that the real question comes down to “when does life begin?”  Then again, maybe life is a term used loosely when it should be reserved.


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The Value of Life