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Senior Skip Day and Pranks

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The last year of high school, senior year, comes with many joys like the fabulous prom or even downfalls like lazy senioritis. One senior tradition in particular is not one made by faculty members obeying the school rules or by proactive parents acting as chaperones. It is made by the senior class themselves and the tradition doesn’t even happen within the school walls. Because not only are the classes empty of Senior students but also, they never even planned on coming to class in the first place. Hence the glorified name, Senior Skip Day.

Predetermined among the seniors, a single day is decide, unbeknown to teachers or parents, in which Senior students will escape the bonds of the school house walls and take a day off for a change. Some schools have tried to squash this tradition by sending police officers to bring the skippers back to school. They do this because in the United States, school funding is based on attendance. So when students go AWOL it technically hurts the school. The seniors couldn’t care less of course.

For me, a simple day of relaxation, TV watching and gameplay in my PJs are equivalent to that of a five star spa visit. It practically washes away the stress and after the countless days and hours sitting in a desk, it is about time I got to sit on a couch for a while. So when you look at it, the days of high school are coming to an end pretty soon, senioritis is at an all-time high, and we have been stuck in school walls since Kindergarten. I think we need a day off, a chance to slow down for moment, take a breath and enjoy the last days of free public education. So if that means not showing up to class for a day then so be it.

Also, it is great to have a tradition to call our own. Something the students can have absolute control over. Not some made up tradition dictated by the school to participate in. It brings us closer together as a senior class and gives us the small taste of freedom that is not to far away.

Another tradition is the infamous senior prank. Usually when the days of high school come to a close people tend to want to go out with a bang. Whether that means filling the halls with cups or putting a for sale sign up its about wanting to leave a message or some kind of legacy.

If you are wondering when your Senior Skip Day is or if there is a senior prank, you are not going to find it on some high school agenda or student calendar. Dr. Maglisceau isn’t going to mention it over the intercom with the rest of the announcements in the morning. There will be no banner hung in the hallways or sign taped up in the bathroom. You are just have to ask around and when you find out maybe you will choose to sleep in late that day. Perhaps you could wake up at lunchtime and eat some breakfast. Because the average person spends around fourteen thousand, one hundred and forty five hours at school. Which if you didn’t know, is a very long time. So I don’t think it would hurt to badly to take twenty-four of them to yourself.

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Senior Skip Day and Pranks