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Snow Day Education

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After the chilly winter weather and many school days taken off due to ice and snow, debate has risen whether or not to use online education to keep kids learning during snow days. I for one have seen the countless flaws in this idea. For starters not everyone has Internet connectivity or access to a computer. Those who are unfortunate and cant afford these pricey luxuries would not be able to participate and therefore, fall behind. Therefore, it isn’t fair to provide education to some but not others.

You may be thinking, just give students school provided technology. This comes with the issue of of being misused and taken advantage of. Back in middle school they gave the students small laptops to help with technological learning and advancement. The only thing I learned on that computer was how to play Super Smash Bros. Melee on a laptop instead of a Gamecube and I was not the only one.

Secondly, if the weather is to rough, power outages could occur leaving numbers of potential students in the dark, figuratively and literally. If the power is out you can’t turn on a computer. Plain and simple. Furthermore, there is no guarantee students will log in to learn. I know on my snow days I sleep in and eat breakfast at lunch. Lazy people like me could really mess up this revolutionary idea. So an aspect of pure trust in adolescents is needed for this to work.

Yet last but not least, just like, online sites have the potential within themselves to have flaws and crash. So unless the site was done right and logging in could be considered going to class, this snow day work day idea needs to sit in on the bench for a bit. There would be nothing more annoying than missing out on a snow day to try to figure out how to get a website to work. I can’t even sit for ten-seconds while a page loads before deciding to do something else.

See, we kids need our snow days and those white covered mini vacations to keep our hopes up and heads held high. It gives us something to wish for and though Texas isn’t the prime location for snowflakes, sleds and snowball fights, the thought of the lone star state covered with a beautiful blanket of ice is something I nor others like me, would like taken away.

So let us kids keep us our snow days, give us that day or two off school because we know its going to melt almost as fast as it fell. A rare day like that should be spent in enjoyment because we only have one life to live so let us live it. Some people will never leave this state or have the chance to see the world so when these things happen let them soak it all in because you never know if your ever going to see that white fluffy coldness ever again.

By Aaron Schulman

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Snow Day Education