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Three more days// Rockwall-Heath High School had their first Homecoming Parade in years. Many people came out to support students and to show school spirit three days before the big night. “That was great,” said Joan Haddock.

Parade Time

First Homecoming Parade in years

Rockwall-Heath High School had their first Homecoming Parade in years Wednesday night on route by the new Tom Thumb and around Amy Parks. Many parade goers watched on from the edges of the street with some bringing their own lawn chairs and with others sitting on the concrete. It was the rebirth of an old school tradition.

Set to start at 6:30 PM, the parade had a variety of floats. Many school sport teams such as baseball, volleyball, football, soccer, and tennis walked and rode in the parade on their team floats. Football was one of the biggest floats, with all coaches and athletes spread out for a good few vehicles.

Senior King and Queen nominations rode in a variety of high quality cars such as Porsche’s and old 60’s Mustangs. Beaus and Sweethearts for many different clubs were showcased in unique ways upon their specific float. One Sweetheart in specific, Jessica Tamez, sat on the tool box in the back of a truck looking back at her track teammates as they rode on a hay trailer behind

One of the most unique floats, and likely one of the reasons the parade lasted 45 minutes, was gymnastics’ who actually did perform. Every few blocks they would throw down a trampoline bouncing off doing flips and tricks onto the mats in the pulled trailer.

While the parade was an overall success, there is always room for improvement. An aspect of the parade that was missed by many people on the sidelines was a lack of entertainment. Aside from drill team, there was not a lot of entertainment. Many people hoped for more music, dancers, and more energetic cheerleaders. There is opportunity to improve on that part of the parade next year.

All in all the parade was a success. Many people were included and involved. There were students from Pullen Elementary and many young aspiring Heath Cheerleaders with their own floats. Food trucks prior to the parade kept many people happy, and the pep rally afterward gave many something to look forward to after all was said and done. Homecoming activities seem to keep going on and on.

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