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Lock it up// Rules are not being followed. Chaos could ensue. It’s all a waiting game to see if it’s true.

Speculation and Lost Identification

Hackers gonna hack

There is no proof. There is no outside knowledge. We are out of the loop. This is all up for discussion. A rumor that could prove to be true.

Rumor has it the schools students personal information is being held ransom. There are two different types of ransomware: the first is where the hacker has locked an individual out of their data center and will not open it for them until a fee is paid, and the second is a hacker who will take ones information and go. The latter is likely to not let someone know they have been hacked, and instead run with the data and do something with it. It is unclear which kind of hacker there is, or if there even is one at all.

According to multiple sources the district flew out individuals who could possibly assist in repairing the cyber security situation. Earlier today, it was suspected that those said individuals could possibly be with Homeland Security. In the last recent months, many other school districts have been hacked and FBI and Homeland Security have been involved.

The present circumstance for Rockwall-Heath could cause many teachers to go without their first paycheck of the school year. It could also produce problems for student athletes and their eligibility due to teachers not being able to input grades. Another possibility is that seniors might not be able to submit school transcripts for college applications. But the transcript idea is on the blurry side, because students could possibly order them from parchment.

Speculation has it that the main computer which controls the entirety of Rockwall ISD devices was what was hacked. It controls every little thing: skyward, the bell schedules(kind of), stationary cord phone services, and everyones access to the school internet.

Who knows if it’s true. But there is always some kind of truth to the madness. Just be sure to keep your phones off the school internet and make sure to turn your Bluetooth off. It could prove to be disasterous.

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