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Sticky Lungs// In a photo, from TXAN News, a man, alike many people across the country indulges in vaping. “Texas is one of 33 states facing the outbreak,” according to KXAN News.

A Self-Inflicted and Tragic Second Hand Epidemic

The truth of vaping

After only a few years in the general public, the supposed next best thing to a cigarette, e-cigarettes or vapes, has now forced a handful of people to face the cold hard truth: No one knows what the side effects vaping causes. Well now, the aftermath of smoking the sometimes fruity liquid has now been brought to the forefront.

In a recent article, posted onto the New England Journal of Medicine, a detailed account of vape users admitted into hospitals was brought to light. It alluded to the fact that many users have caused themselves to have chemical pneumonia: inflammation of the lungs due to toxins or poisons. The cause of the illness that has killed 6 and impacted hundreds is yet to be known. However, the nation has already started to take steps to knock down the e-cigarette industry.

“On Wednesday, the Trump Administration claimed they were going to ban flavored e-cigarettes”, according to the New York Times. The Food and Drug Administration is planning on creating a plan to eliminate vapes and nicotine pods from the market. Many states across the country are jumping on the bandwagon.

With the rising amount of young teenagers using the item that many health officials claim is more addictive than a regular cigarette, many schools and parents are worried. More than 500 cases have been reported this summer in a dozen states. This is only more motivation to eliminate the unregulated nicotine substitute.

One of the more recent cases included an 18 year old male who is said to now have the lungs of a 70 year old: a student athlete who at the age of 16 started vaping. He claims he had no idea what he was doing to his body. Something that many teengagers across the nation can relate with.

As the rising number of fatal e-cigarette cases increases, many health officials only hope to find a cure and warn everyone still using to stop. There is limited known data about the effects, and many fear the results of what vaping could do has only just started. It’s an epidemic all on it’s own: one that many people are beginning to realize was created by the vaping company: a company that failed to tell it’s customers the whole truth of their product. But according to recent interviews with the creators, they seemed to not even know what would come about from their product. They wouldn’t even use it themselves.

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