A sea of blue

Child Abuse Awareness Month


“Somethin to talk about”// Students and teachers wear blue around campus today to show a united front. “Kids are the future, and we need to try and help all of them in the best possible way,” said junior Gracie Tirey-Butler.

Abby Woloss, Opinions Editor

The month of April 2019 is Child Abuse Awareness Month in the United States.

It has been a national observance since 1983. Through funding from Community-Based Grants for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (CBCAP), individuals have been able to help communities and families with support in playing an active role in it’s prevention. In recent years, former President Obama continued on with the tradition in a 2016 Presidential Proclamation.

According to coverage of the White House, Obama claimed, “During National Child Abuse Prevention Month, we recommit to giving every child a chance to succeed and to ensuring that every child grows up in a safe, stable, and nurturing environment that is free from abuse and neglect.”

Across the country, discussion over what the nation can do to help those bring about positive healthy environments for children is massively promoted. Vigils and prayer services across the country are held, as well as conferences who help individuals acknowledge signs of abuse.

Rockwall-Heath is participating in this nation wide observance as well. Today, April 5, students and faculty alike were asked to wear blue in support of the fight against child neglect and abuse.

“I think there needs to be more discussion about it. I’m happy people are talking about it,” said junior Gracie Tirey-Butler.