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Have Love in Your Heart by Writing Love on Their Arms

Victoria Sewell

Victoria Sewell, Staff Writer

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To Write Love on her Arms (TWLOHA) is an organization focused on helping with depression, addictions, and the effects they have on people. It organises many functions to try and get its message that things will always get better and not to give up out there.  On Tuesday, February 5, 2013, TWLOHA held a benefit concert to try to raise money, awareness for suffering individuals, and public help.

This event had several artists from different bands come to sing, read poems, and one of the founders came to tell the story on why it was founded. Senior, Alex Martinez attended the concert and only had good things to say about it. This organization tries to bring awareness to help the emotional and even certain physical issues that people go through everyday; including people at this school. Very few of the victims of these illnesses feel they have the support they need to get through their trials and traumas.  One source that was talked to said she felt like “no one loved her” while another, said he had “no help from anyone” and another said, “the weekends are lonely”.  All of these people had similar thoughts and feelings but were all going through something different.  All these people felt alone and confirmed that if someone- a friend, family member, or just a person who saw them at work or school- had offered support or help their predicament could have been better.

People suffer with depression, addiction, abuse, and thoughts of suicide everyday and some could be helped if they had someone there for them.  Sources said they “wished for help” or someone to get involved to “save them”.

Sometimes, people are surprised by who they find out is suffering. “ People who are going through this are pretty good at hiding it,” one source said.  People will not be able to tell who all is suffering. It could be someone from band, cheerleading, a sports team, an average boy, girl, adult, child, student, or teacher. You never know who will need you or who will accept you.  Everyone deserves to be loved and helped and feel special. Nobody should feel alone when all that could be keeping them from death’s grasp is a kind smile or a couple of nice words.  Thoughts can be changed, addictions can be broken, and abuse can be stopped but once a life is taken there is no going back. Think about who you could be saving by just being there to help and show your love.  To Write Love on her Arms is trying to get that message across and everybody can help by just being nice and looking out for those you see.

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Have Love in Your Heart by Writing Love on Their Arms