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State Fair of Texas: Money Well Spent or a Waste?

Sonja Avramov, Staff Writer

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People stroll the park as the stench of fried, greasy food consumes their noses, screams and hollers captivate their eardrums, and children running about fill their sight. The State Fair of Texas is here once again, but with a decline in motivation to attend. Students at RHHS are not as eager to attend the fair this year due to expensive costs, Fair Day being in the middle of Homecoming week, and loss of interest.

Over the years, fair prices have gone up and this year people took notice. General admission has gone up to $16  and parking is $15. Even when students are provided with tickets by the school, if parents want to attend they must pay before entering. The cost of admission is still somewhat reasonable; however, costs inside the fair are upsetting people. “You need to go to the fair loaded, otherwise you are not going to be able to do much,” said Junior Alex Story.  Most rides are about nine coupons each and a simple corn dog is around seven coupons. The increased prices are ridiculous. Students from RHHS that attend the fair are teenagers so most do not receive a lot of money. They are considered lucky if they get $60 from parents. It seems as if people spend money at the fair on unnecessary things. Rather than spending money on nothing, saving it for more important items is logical. For example, a student regretted going to the fair. “I went to the fair, but thinking back on it I kind of wished I didn’t waste my time or money,” said Junior Audrey Townend. Attending the State Fair results in a wasted day and unneeded spending. Furthermore, this year Fair Day fell on the Wednesday of Homecoming week.

RHHS students were so wrapped up with Homecoming details that Fair Day simply faded away from importance. Priorities were finding an affordable cute dress, shoes, and setting up appointments. “I didn’t go to the fair because I had to take care of some last minute shopping for homecoming” said Junior Morgan Sharp. Homecoming is a big deal for high school students and a lot of money goes into it, therefore the State Fair being in the same week was not a good thing. Instead of going to the fair and spending even more money some people remained home or finalized homecoming issues. Yet there were few who attended the fair such as sophomore Nash Bayoud who said “I didn’t really like that fair day was during homecoming week, but it didn’t interfere too much with homecoming spending.” On top of Fair Day being expensive and falling on homecoming week, students were lost interest in attending the State Fair.

One by one students get their name called to receive fair tickets, however something is different, very unusual. The students do not seem the least bit excited to go to the fair: there are a few whose eyes light up when hearing the phrase Fair Day, but not many. “The fair is so gross! It’s a germ-infested place with foods oozing with grease out of them,” said junior Caitlin Rainey. The State Fair of Texas is losing its appeal to high school students. Back in the day of elementary school children could barely sit still waiting for their tickets, now it is just the opposite. Only a few look forward to the fair these days. The State Fair is a tradition so why is it losing value over the years? It seems as students get older, the “magic” of the fair is lost. “This year it seemed like there were less people there from our school” said Townend. The State Fair is not what it once was due to price increases and a plain lack on interest.

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State Fair of Texas: Money Well Spent or a Waste?