Brooke Fowler


Colorado bound// For students like Brooke Fowler, the hope for the future is what keeps them going. “I really like school, and I am just looking forward to what I am doing next,” said the junior.

Abby Woloss, Opinions Editor

What is your name and grade?

“I am Brooke Fowler, and I am a junior.”

Who is the most influential person to you at Heath?

“I’d say the most influential people to me are my best buddies kids, because they teach me patience and have shown me that everyone deserves love.”

What has been the happiest moment for you in high school?

“I think the happiest moment for me has been best buddies and going to state for HOSA in San Antonio.”

What would someone be surprised to know about your high school years?

“I feel like something people would be surprised to know about me is that I am a really spiritual person. I also really care about how I do in school.”

How do you plan on spending your summer?

“I plan on figuring out where I am going to college and finding out what I am doing with my life.”