Andie Chisolm


Cat nappin’// Andie Chisolm may be quiet in class, but she has opinions about many things. “When it comes to vaccines and medicine, I am very talkative,” said the junior.

Abby Woloss, Opinions Editor

What is your name and grade?

“I am Andie Chisolm, and I am a junior.”

Who is the most influential person to you at Heath?

“I’d say the most influential person for me is Mr.Starling, because he inspires me to pursue what I am interested in: the medical field.”

What has been the happiest moment for you in high school?

“I think the happiest moment for me is when we do science things like teaching kids CPR. I also really liked it when we went to state for HOSA.”

What would someone be surprised to know about your high school years?

“I feel like something people would be surprised to know about me is that I am very opinionated, but I am not that vocal about it.”

How do you plan on spending your summer?

“I am going to Harvard summer school for a stem cell and regenerative medicine class.”