Danielle Gillean

Student pushes herself to the brinks of exhaustion


Abby Woloss

Busy bee// Danielle Gillean, Freshman, sits in the cafeteria amongst a charade of friends attempting to one up each other regarding their daily schedules. “ For me, game days are all school year, because I go from volleyball season to basketball season; then, I go to softball season right after,” said Dani. Her days are long, and they aren’t getting any shorter.

Abby Woloss , Opinions Editor

What’s your name and grade?

“My name is Danielle Gillean, and I am a Freshman.”

What has been the happiest moment for you in high school?

“My favorite moment of high school so far is when we, ‘JV’, won against Rockwall in basketball during the second overtime. It was 25 to 25, and I made two baskets to make it 29 to 25.”

Who is the most influential person to you at Heath?

“Every single one of my coaches has made an impact on my life and taught me something that has made me a better athlete and person. They all have pushed me and made me better for it.”

What would someone be surprised to know about your high school years?  

“ After school, I usually spend my time at softball practice. On Mondays and Wednesdays, I have pitching practice; then, on Tuesdays and Fridays, I have hitting lessons. On days where I get to go home straight from school, I spend time on catching up with homework and studying. I’m always busy.”