Graduation party season


Party on // This time of year it is graduation season. “Graduation parties are a way to celebrate with friends and family!” said Kassidy Turner

Ashlyn Parks, Social Media Editor, Writer

Graduation parties are coming to the limelight. Around this time of year, from April through June,  it is the peak for graduation parties. Graduation parties are celebrations of students who are graduating and continuing their journey outside of high school.            

Graduation parties are a fun way to celebrate the accomplishments of graduating high school seniors and their futures in the real world.

They are a way to celebrate what is coming to an end and what is to come in the future. It is an event to come together with family and close friends, including those not able to attend the graduation ceremony.

However, having a graduation party might not be the best idea simply because parties may not be someone’s thing. Money problems, out of town family members, and few people to celebrate with are many valid reasons as to why one may not want to have a graduation party.

A graduation party should be solely the graduate’s decision. It is a celebration for oneself and of oneself.

With graduation looming near, party invites are right around the corner!