Rockwall booming

More people, restaurants, and traffic, oh my!


Scenic views abound // As one of the most beautiful cities in Texas, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to Rockwall. The true issue comes when we run out of room for them.

Kassidy Turner, Editor-In-Chief

At one point, Rockwall, Texas was the fastest growing city in the nation. As the smallest county in Texas, Rockwall attracts citizens for its proximity to Dallas, great school system, and beauty, as it’s surrounded by Lake Ray Hubbard.

However, such a pull to our little city has made and continues to make life for other Rockwallians difficult. This year alone, tons of new neighborhoods, restaurants, roads, shopping centers, and people are settling down in the Rockwall area. The influx of new citizens is already causing problems, and will continue to cause problems, for every single Rockwall native.

Rockwall is continually described as a bubble, and its inhabitants can get caught up in the closed off nature of the town. As the biggest small city around, it’s got everything you need: a Target, movie theater, Chick-Fil-A; you name it, Rockwall’s got it. However, with the influx of new people, Rockwall will become overcrowded and lose the small town feel. The new restaurants and roads cause issues for Rockwallians in their respective commutes, as well as adding in traffic in almost every drive through the city. The addition of ‘new’ is pulling away from what’s great about the old of Rockwall.

In the eyes of some, adding in new people and places better diversifies Rockwall. In the past year, Rockwall’s added a Great American Cookies, Marble Slab, Texas Roadhouse, and a Mattress Firm. Although those additions make life easier for those who live here, they are also what’s drawing people to Rockwall. These additions are causing a ripple effect of new neighborhoods, roads, and kids in schools. They will ultimately cause more than just the subtraction of land and raw materials used to build it, it’ll be a loss of the sanctity of the smallest county in Texas.

Rockwall must be kept as is, because pretty soon, there’s not going to be much more room for new people. Rockwall has lost most of its small town feel, and the only way to stop more expansion is by putting a cap on what’s new and can be developed in our town.

An overpopulated city is a city that cannot function. We must stop expansion of our town, and instead, focus on enhancing what’s already here. We don’t need more to make Rockwall great. It already is.