Wrapping up

End of course testing coming up


Getting organized for testing// Students and teachers prepare for EOC testing coming up. This testing affects the whole school, not just testers as classrooms are being occupied and the halls need to be quiet. “We try and make it as organized and simple as possible for students and staff.” said Mrs. Paul.

Courtney Thompson

    As the year comes to an end, end of course testing takes place. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are all preparing for the upcoming testing. The first of these tests begin next week, then there is a break until the week of May 6th, which has more tests.

Freshman take their English 1 EOC this upcoming Tuesday, followed by sophomores taking their English 2 EOC Thursday of next week. Other students will have a modified schedule to accommodate the testers.

“It’s the same as always. Other students will have a normal schedule just some modified rooms, buses will roll and testers that need more time will move to library after the majority is done,” said Ms. Albrecht.

This will happen again the week of May 6th, when juniors take the US History EOC that Monday, freshman take their biology EOC Tuesday, and some freshman take the Algebra 1 EOC that Wednesday.

“Every test day has the same schedule, just different rooms are used,” said Mrs. Paul.

The testing rooms and relocation rooms will be posted outside the library windows starting April 5th. They will report directly to their room on the day of testing. As for lunch, students may order a sack lunch from the cafeteria, or bring a lunch from home. For students doing online testing they will need to bring their own headphones to use.

Ms. Albrecht said, “I always say eat chocolate chip pancakes, it is what my family did. You need protein to make it through those long five hours.”

As teachers prepare to give the tests and organize it, the stress levels are high and they are scrambling to make everything flow smoothly for testers and the rest of the students.

“It is very stressful especially since I’m new to the school. I came from a school with 500 students, and there are way more here. That comes with more kids and more staff to get organized so it takes a lot of planning to make sure everyone is where they need to be.” said Mrs. Paul.

There are classes Tuesdays and Thursdays to help prepare for algebra, english, and biology EOCs, and to ensures students are not stressed and as many pass on the first try as possible.

Ms. Albrecht said, “You must pass all five EOC tests to graduate. If you don’t pass there are several opportunities to retake starting in the summer.”