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Best Day// Valentine’s Day can sometimes cause more stress than it does actual joy. So, is it better to spend the day without a significant other? Photo Credit: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

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Is it better to be single on Valentine's Day?

While Valentine’s Day was last week, many are still likely regretting all the money they spent. For years now, Valentine’s Day has been known as the one holiday of the year that costs more than all the others. And yes, that includes Christmas.

Many went out and bought chocolate, as well as flowers and candy for their significant others. But while Valentine’s Day may possibly be what is needed to keep an aging relationship fresh, it might actually be better to just spend it alone: where you don’t need to worry about giving a better gift than your partner.

Many people dread the day of love. Valentine’s is also one of the only holidays where somebody can feel ostracized for not falling in the circle with all those who have somebody to spend it with. However, in recent years, romantic love is not the only kind of relationship people have been broadcasting on social media platforms. “Galentine’s Day” was trending on the 13th, celebrating the power of friendship. The day was originally an invented holiday on the TV show “Parks and Recreation” by Amy Poehler’s character. It has become a favorite new tradition by all ever since.

And while full hearts and romantic relationships are what is widely commercialized as the quintessential Valentine’s Day relationship, philosopher Neil McArthur and economist Marina Adshade say it’s actually better being single on the 14th anyways. Its theorized that the desire or need to give gifts to a significant other leaves people feeling unsatisfied when they do not receive something of the same caliber in return. Valentine’s Day is mostly commercialized in a way that makes people have high expectations of what love should be like: what form it should be in, what things someone will receive based off of the depth of somebody’s love. When in reality, the publicized idea of love is a fantasy. Consequently, people feel let down and disappointed in the types of relationship/s that they feel they must celebrate. Their expectations were not met, and their own ideas of love were indirectly put down.

This year, people were estimated to have spent $27.4 billion on Valentine’s items; an increase by 32% when compared to last years numbers. And while that dollar price seems crazy, what is even more interesting is the fact that no one really even knows for sure where the tradition of Valentine’s came from. Yet, still standing today is a tradition that haunts and excites people all the same. So while Valentine’s Day is great, why does everyone place so much importance on a day that basically just feeds the retail market in exponential amounts of money for one 24 hour period?

But nevertheless, that doesn’t matter. It’s human nature to be blinded by love, whether it be in the form of a teddy bear or box of chocolates.

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