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Country roots// Graycie York is on her way to attaining some of her wildest dreams, yet still remains humble while in the process. “I want to take everything day by day. I want to stay humble,” says the senior.

Graycie and Cline

A star on the horizon

September 8, 2019

Sitting in the diner style booths in the back end of the school library, up and coming singer / songwriter Graycie York wears a Hawks shirt and her signature turquoise collection of jewelry as well as an electric guitar style ring. Calm, collected, and tousled blond hair help show she is a true country artist in the rising. The tardy bell, at this inopportune moment, proceeds to pierce through the air as if a que to start the very beginning of her story.

“I’ve been singing since before I could talk. Well, that’s what my whole family says anyways. But, I really started singing in middle school. I did choir freshman year [of high school], but it wasn’t really my thing. I kind of wanted to stick to just me [singing].”

Authentic old school country music speaks to this girl’s soul: a true believer in the heartfelt, yet upbeat songs of the past decades; vinyl record music at its finest.

“[My biggest idol is] definitely Patsy Cline or any of the original country female artists, because I think they changed the whole country genre. They were females. It was unheard of.”

Famous influences persuaded her to join the genre of country music, but it was her family that ultimately influenced her to have a passion for a melody.

“My parents [influenced me], because they’re super into music [though they don’t play], so I was around it all the time. But, my grandpa used to play guitar. He actually gave up on it a long time ago, but he was the first person to give me my guitar one Christmas.”

The Texan plays an array of instruments from piano to the guitar to the ukulele. But just recently, she started practicing the art of storytelling.

“I started songwriting about 5 months ago. I took a trip to Nashville and was so motivated to start writing my own music. Over time I lost that motivation, but I found it again one day, and have written [a little more than a handful of songs].”

A variety of opportunities have been placed in her hands due to fierce work ethic and passion for the music industry over the last year: some very exciting accomplishments that she is praying will continue to happen as time progresses.

[One of my biggest accomplishments is probably] getting to do backup vocals for 30 Miles East. I go into the studio Sunday. I met them through an open mic. I also had an opportunity to open for the Zach Romo [Band] on Saturday. Though it fell through, it was and still is a really big deal. He asked me last night [Thursday]. Everyone in Texas country music is super supportive. It’s not really a competition. We all want everyone to succeed.”

When singing for people and opening up for other artists, she says it’s always super fun to get the crowd pumped up. But the sentimental songs like ‘Patsy Kind of Night’, one she penned herself, are always so gratifying.

“I love [to perform] my original songs, because it’s more me and personal. I like to see the reactions of people, but my favorite song to cover is ‘ I Kept the Roses’ by Tennille Townes. It’s one of my favorite songs ever.”

While all the hope for the future is intact, Graycie, a homebody at heart, plans on attending Tarleton State University and majoring in music as well as a possible minor in cosmetology or teaching. Moving to Nashville may come later in life, but for now, it’s a little too far away from family.

“My dream has always been to just do music. There is nothing else that’s ever been ahead of music. It’s just always been a want to be on stage singing every night. I’d be perfectly content with my life. I hope to get music released soon because I do have enough content to get put on an EP or album. I’m trying to be as humble as I can, because that’s how I was raised. I don’t really look much into the future. I’m kind of just taking it day by day. Things are happening really fast.”

The future is a foggy concept for Graycie. A mere idea of what could happen. Nothing is guaranteed. But, there is always hope for what is to come.

While quickly walking out into the school parking lot to beat the digestion of student traffic from the pep rally after the impromptu interview, Graycie giggles and softly smiles. A memory coming to view within her head.

“My grandma says this is my year; everything happens for a reason.”

An aura of real confidence and genuine excitement fills her face. A raw talented singer. A voice to be reckoned with. Graycie York is on her way to living a life she has dreamt of since she was a little girl. Check out her song ‘Patsy Kind of Night’ on her Facebook at ‘Graycie York Music’.

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