First flights

Lili Young’s new adventure


2019 Seniors// The excitement that comes along with the end of the school year is infectious. For students who are moving on to bigger and better things, graduation is bittersweet. “I will miss my friends most,” says senior Lili Young.

Abby Woloss, Opinions Editor

From putting ribbons in two identical ponytails for the first day of preschool, to the first day of middle school. From the first experiences of learning about life outside of an imaginary bubble, to attending the freshmen homecoming dance. The experiences made are far more important than the amount of time we stay in one place. For some, those experiences are outgrown early, and the desire to flourish in the world is too enticing to disregard. For Lili Young, graduating one year early from high school is just one more passing chapter in her book.

The desire to graduate early was a thought all on her own says the junior turned senior.

“In the summer, we realized how close I was to having all the credits needed. I told them[parents] that I wanted to try to graduate early. They were awesome and encouraged me along the way to reach my goal!”

The real pushing factor seemed to stem from the stories her sisters told and continue to tell about their time in college themselves.

“Seeing my older two sisters thrive in college, I thought, “why not”.”

The process to graduate early seems to be a new phenomenon sweeping through the high school and many states nationwide.

“I think people are realizing how easy it is to finish senior year early, because we are allowed to take so many college credits each year. And when you are motivated to get into college, at that point, anything is possible. “

With big decisions come certain consequences to arise, and for Lili, those consequences are bitter sweet.

“I will miss some of the senior experiences with my friends, but I am getting to experience them this year with my sister who is a senior as well.”

For some students, the thought of missing out on prom and walking the stage with their original class is something they can’t bear the thought of missing out on. But for Lili, the hope for the future is far greater than a few couple golden hours.

“I’m still gonna go to Prom with my sister, Emi, and her date, plus a couple of our friends. I’m excited for the new adventure of college, and I know that I will not regret my decision.”

As for the future, she plans on shooting for the stars when it comes to her dreams.

“I will start at Blinn in CSTAT for a year and then transfer to A&M to join the Corp. It seems to be the best road to take to Aggieland, Corp of Cadets, and eventually the Air Force.”

Heath may have only been her home for 3 years, but it surely made its impact on the future Air Force pilot.

“I am going to miss my friends most. My favorite memory is going to all the softball games to watch my friends and sister play.”

With time comes wisdom, but for Lili, a sense of maturity seems to have arrived earlier than for most.

“[If I could do high school again], I would remind myself that people change and that you need to go with your path and do what’s best for you.”