The year of lasts and firsts

Is it the easiest or hardest year of High School?


Making the most of it // Senior Gillyan Jewett understands what it’s like to feel the emotions of being a senior. “When it comes to feeling the emotions of it, I’ve felt all of it. The good, the bad, and the senioritis.”

Kassidy Turner, Editor- In-Chief

Which college will I go to? What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Am I going to prom? What about my AP Exams? How am I ever going to make it on my own?

As senior year comes to a close, many students are stuck in the rut of questions without answers, and answers without questions.

Senior year is a time full of excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and angst. For some, it’s the happiest year of their lives, as they finally are able to leave the nest. For others, it’s pushed for time to slow down as they endure their year of lasts.

But for Gillyan Jewett, senior year couldn’t have come fast enough.

“Senior year is fun. You feel like you’ve gotten so far and you’re almost to the end. It’s exciting. All the teachers are more relaxed because they know you’re an adult, and it’s nice not to be treated like a little kid,” said Gillyan.

For those like Gillyan, life after high school offers an even playing field for those who take it. The hierarchy of Heath High School won’t matter. It won’t matter who your friends were or what you wore to Homecoming. Life just changes.

“I’m excited for graduation,” included Gillyan. “Yes, I’m counting down the days. I feel like the second I get my diploma the whole thing will hit me and I’ll be even more ready to move.”

The last semester of senior year is filled with questions. College decisions can be a nerve wracking experience. Fortunately, Gillyan had it easier than most.

“I knew where I’ve wanted to go for a while, it was just a matter of time until I heard back.”

College also asks students to choose a major, ultimately pushing students to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Gillyan has it figured out, but others aren’t as lucky.

“My dream is to go to medical school and become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon,” said Gillyan.

Even then, plans don’t always work out.

“But that will probably change,” finished Gill.

But as the stress of school winds down with the acceptances into college, seniors can develop what’s known as “Senioritis,” a lack of motivation and desire to care anymore.

“It hit me really hard right after we got back from spring break. I’ve started procrastinating and doing the bare minimum. I take naps after school, and walk my dog instead of studying. It’s kind of nice to not stress out about every little assignment,” said Gillyan.

So even though senior year may look scary, it’s still one of the best years of your life. It reminds you to count your blessings and appreciate the little things. It offers the chance to unwind, and celebrate all that you’ve accomplished. It begs you to ask the big questions and gives you the time to answer them. But, most of all, it’s better than your years past, which might be the best thing of all.

“It’s been way less stressful than junior year,” finished Gillyan. “My classes are more laid back, and it’s nice. It’s like a reward from the stressful junior year.”