Spring break fun

The break we need


Taking a break// Students were ready for the week long break after lots of hard work the past few weeks. Weather traveling far or staying here, students and staff found the time relaxing and much needed. Senior Ashlyn Parks said, “It is a mini vacation from school before it starts to get harder.”

Courtney Thompson

Spring break has come to an end, and while most are sad about it, many students and teachers can at least hold on to the memories.

Sophomore Brenna Mcilwain said, “I like spring break because this time of year school gets very stressful and it is nice to have a little break.”

Whether traveling far or staying close, students spent their spring breaks in different ways.

Mcilwain said, “I stayed in town this year because I wanted to relax and hang out with my friends. I visited with some family but mostly hung out at people’s houses just doing whatever.”

Even just in Rockwall, there are plenty of activities to do to have fun. Dallas is also a short drive, and not a trip across the country.

“The most fun thing I did was go to Dallas and just spend the day there, we ate and walked around.” Said Mcilwain.

Other people had bigger plans for the week long break.

Sophomore Maddy Frosch said, “We went to Jamaica, we were invited by 2 other families to go and experience the beautiful island for the first time, our family hasn’t been on a vacation together in over 3 years.”

Her family was excited for a chance to be all together and enjoy their time away.

Frosch said, “The most fun thing I did was probably just enjoy my surrounding and just get to know people and relax without stress.”

No matter where you travel, spring break is an enjoyable break from school.

“I like spring break because it’s a perfect time before summer to take a break from school. It gets you in the mindset that summer is almost near and school is almost over. Last night studying and hard classes are almost over. Breaks from school in my opinion are healthy and help with stress and give you time to relax and get caught up on sleep.” Said frosch.