F-double o-d; what does that spell… Food

JV Cheerleader creates Hawks Care program


What’s in the pantry // Caroline Bloom, Head Cheerleader of the JV team, creates the Hawks Care, a discreet and easy to access program dedicated to provide food to students who cannot afford it. “I think going through the process of creating the vision and getting Heath Cares off the gourd showed me that I really can make a difference,” said Caroline.

Camron Green, Sports Editor

During an early December Honor Council meeting, Mr. Vestal, AP World History and AP Psychology teacher, mentioned how he would like to see food and snacks provided to the students at Rockwall-Heath High School. Caroline Bloom, Head Cheerleader of JV cheer, decided to act on that idea.

I met with him and said I wanted to start such a program. I started researching and found out about other programs and sources for food.   Elementary students in need are sent home with food over weekends and holidays which is provided by Kiwanis,” stated Caroline.

The Hawks Care idea is one that provides food to students in need with a discreet and easily accessible program. Caroline soon had several meetings with counselors and administration at Rockwall-Heath High School to talk about the specifics. Soon, the Hawks Care program became a reality.

“I am proud to say that Hawks Care was able to provide some families with food over the holiday break.”

Thinking about the longevity of the Hawks Care program, she has been talking to numerous underclassmen in hopes of passing the torch when she inevitably graduates.

“For a program like this to be successful, it needs to become a part of the school culture and spirit.”

Her determination to create long-term solutions for current needs does not fall far from the qualities of her parents.

“My dad is a firefighter/paramedic who serves on the McLendon Chisholm City Council, and my mom works in the children’s ministry at our church.”

Caroline Bloom’s astounding contribution to this program, along with the numerous sources of support, simply proves that no matter who you are, you can make a difference.

“It can be easy to see other people do things for their community and think ‘I wish I could do that’, when the fact is you can. You just have to stick with it.”