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Artist of the Month: Soccer Player by Day, Artist by Night

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     Chosen as our Artist of the Month is Taryn Wheeler, a junior at Rockwall Heath High School. As a teenager she enjoys hanging out with friends, singing, and going to church. But, there is more to her than meets the eye.

       Taryn is not only in the top AP Art class at RHHS, she is also on the girls varsity soccer team, and ranked 5th in her class. Since the age of five she has been playing soccer and was planning on perusing it all the way into college. Then, in April of 2012, tragedy struck. During a lake highlands league soccer game, Taryn took a fall that resulted in a severe concussion. Soon she would learn that she would never be able to competitively play soccer again.
       After learning this, she decided to become more serious with art. “Art is really all I have now, besides my grades. I know that if I keep my grades up I can still get into college and maybe even get an art scholarship, but I’m just going with the flow for now” said Taryn with a chuckle.
        Taryn Wheeler has been through many struggles in her life, and has learned to accept what happens and keep moving on. She is an extremely exuberant person, and had a natural born talent for art. That’s what makes her this month’s, Artist of the Month.
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Artist of the Month: Soccer Player by Day, Artist by Night