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It’s back// ‘This Is Us’ returned two weeks ago with  new characters and storylines. Catch new episodes on Tuesdays at 8PM. 
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It’s back// ‘This Is Us’ returned two weeks ago with new characters and storylines. Catch new episodes on Tuesdays at 8PM. Photo credit:

Grab some Tissues

'This Is Us' returns with season 4

For the few individuals still out there who watch regular programming TV, a favorite television series returned 2 weeks ago on Tuesday. It’s a heart string pulling drama filled with all of the life problems the regular everyday person deals with: This Is Us. 

There are spoilers ahead for the first two episodes of the season, so beware.

In the first episode of the season, many viewers were introduced to a few new characters, including a struggling veteran with PTSD, Cassidy, and her family, a teenage dad, Malik, and his family, and Kate and Toby’s son, Jack (in the future). So far, it has been hinted that Malik could be a possible love interest for Deja who is Randall’s foster daughter. While Cassidy’s involvement in the series is still unclear, she attended an AA meeting where Nicky threw a chair into the window: the window where the meeting was being held. Nicky gets arrested, and Kevin pays his bail. There is speculation that Kevin and Cassidy could possibly somehow get together. But, viewers must wait until the next couple of weeks to find out.

The directors take viewers on one of their infamous time travelling storytelling trips to the future, where people see Jack. He is blind, but can still see shadows and outlines. During these scenes, Jack is introduced to a woman at a diner he attends, and the scene ends, transporting viewers even further into the future. He proposes to his girlfriend, and they find out they are pregnant. It doesn’t happen at the best time, due to the fact that Jack is an up and coming singer, while his wife just opened a restaurant. So far, that is all that is known about that story line.

In the second episode, viewers see more of what is going on in the lives of the original characters. Toby and Kate prepare for life with a newborn, and a baby with visual disabilities. Also included in this story line is Kate’s overeating habits, and how Toby has trimmed down from sneaking out of the house to work out. It’s a repeating story of how they both deal with weight issues, but the gravity of the situation and deceitfulness of hiding habits is brought further into the light.

Kevin has his own story line this season. He is 186 days sober, the same amount of days Jack has been alive. He is dealing with the decision of taking on another acting job in a movie, which he ends up taking at the end of episode 2. He was debating between being there for Kate and Jack and Nicky as well and keeping himself busy by working. Randall is struggling with letting Deja have freedom in their new home of Philadelphia, while Beth struggles with accepting Tess exploring her preferences.

Lastly, viewers are taken back in time to the last day of summer for the Pearson’s when the triplets are about to enter junior high. The family takes a trip to the community pool for the day, where Randall and Kevin argue over Kevin embarrassing Randall in front of his friends. Kevin questions if he is a good person. Jack reminisces about the days when the kids weren’t as distant as they are now, and Rebecca struggles with letting Kate make her own decisions. In a surprise scene, Kate has her first kiss. The second episode ends with all 5 members of the Pearson family lounging on suntan chairs in a row.

This season is off to another interesting and emotional start. Tune in on Tuesdays at 8PM.


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